VPL Group at present engaged in manufacturing and exporting of Deep Well Hand Pumps includes the world renowned , India Mark II hand pump and its various derivatives like India Mark III (VLOM)  & Extra Deep Well (EDWP) versions. These hand pumps are  certified by Bureau of Indian Standards. We are also manufacturing Treadle pumps &Afridev Deep Well Hand Pumps.

Our Hand Pumps are manufactured with strict control on quality of finished product and raw material through various through various testing processes of each component as per relevant BIS Standard as well as UNICEF drawing.

Production is constantly monitored by highly qualified technical engineers. VPL Group prides itself in its strong engineering capabilities and proven track record.


  1. India Mark II Deep Well Hand Pump/ hand well pump as per Bureau of Indian Standard Specifications with 63.5 mm dia cast iron brass sleeved cylinder assembly.
  2. The above – ground mechanism is fabricated from welded steel plates and sections for strength , and hot dip galvanized for corrosion resistance.
  3. A Chain and quadrant mechanism of the pump handle provides easy and accurate alignment of the connecting rod.
  4. The handle Bar ( 32+ 1) mm has a high mechanical advantage and is designed to counter balance the weight of the connecting rods to reduce the pumping effort required by the user.
  5. Sealed ball bearings for the handle on a stainless steel axle adds to the ease of operation and lower maintenance needs.

Features: Pump Type: India Mark III Deep Well Pump as per Bureau of  Indian Standard Specifications with  63.5 mm dia cast iron brass sleeved open top cylinder assembly.

  1. Recommended for water level setting depth (meters) : 20-45
  2. Minimum ID of bore ( mm) : 125
  3.  Approximate Discharge (Litres/ Hour) : 900
  4. GI Riser Pipe : 65 mm NB X 3 meter length
  5. MS/ SS Connecting Rod Diameter : 12 mm X 3 meter length.

Extra Deep Well Hand Pumps discharges 12 litres (minimum) per minute per 40 strokes with an average installation range of the cylinders varying between 45 m to 90 m below ground level. These pumps are available with Normal stand & telescopic stand. Using finest quality steel  , integrated  with  advanced working mechanism. These pumps offer optimum water discharge   and are suitable for preventive maintenance with  simple tools. These products are highly reliable and durable. Extra Deep Well Pumps set consists of the


  1. Optional Telescopic stand Assembly
  2. Pump Head
  3. Connecting Rod, Mild Steel Electro Galvanized .
  4. Option- Connecting Rod SS
  5.  Cylinder Assembly
  6.  Riser Pipe 32 mm
  7.  Set of Hex bolts and Nuts
  8.  Heavier sq. section handle assembly fixed with bearings  & T – Bar.
  9.  Chain with coupling
  10.  Third plate (intermediate flange)
  11.  Water Tank Assembly with 32 mm
  12.  Normal stand Assembly

The Afridev Pump is designed on the basis of field trials in Africa.The Afridev hand pump  can pump water from up to 45-60 meters below ground surface. This pump is designed with a cylinder which allows the piston to be extracted without removing the rising main.

All the specifications of the pump are controlled by SKAT and the specifications have undergone 5 Revisions.It is widely used in almost all the regions of Africa and is one of the biggest success stories of the continent. This pump is very popular in most parts of Africa. The salient features of this pump are:

 Cylinder Assembly – It is made of UPVC pipe with brass liner inside and plunger valve and foot valve either brass or nylon ( Derin)
Riser pipe – UPVC ( OD 63 mm X thickness 4.7 mm)
Casing Pipe–  100 mm to 200 mm it can also used in Dug wells
Pump Rod – it is either Threaded or eye Hook type