Hdpe Pipes For Sewage
Size range : 110mm – 450mm
Grade : PE-63,80,100 PN 2.5 TO 12.5
Specification : IS-14333-1996

HDPE Pipes : Number one choice for water & Sewerage Application:- The exceptionally smooth & non-porous bore of plastic pipes gives more flow per metre head/mm bore,when compared to ductile iron pipe. Superb corrosion & chemical resistance is another advantage shared by HDPE pipes. In Sewer pipes corrosion can occur because of chemical reactions caused by the biological production of sulphuric acid. HDPE pipe will not corrode, tuberculate or support biological growth.

The pipes also offer a high level of chemical resistance to a wide range of substances found in both effluent and contaminated soils,making them the material of choice in harsh chemical environments. Freedom from corrosion ensures that hydraulic characteristics are superb & will remain so,minimising water losses & pumping costs over the lifetime of the system.