“Satisfying all your needs with commitment, dedication and integrity”

Our entire range of engineering products undergoes stringent quality tests during the process of manufacturing to meet out quality standards set by the industry. We always strive to enhance the quality of our products by constant experimentation. However, all our products have been awarded with the certifications of ISO 9001, CE, and ISO 14001 that reflects a true symbol of premium quality.

“Quality is not cost but value addition to our product by manufacturing continuously quality products which enable us to strengthen and retain customers confidence. Quality management system is continuously improved with involvement of all employees and suppliers.”

Quality Control Department

VPL, Assurance Program Endeavors Management Commitment to seed Quality in all phases of its activities.The commitment begins from approaching inquiries,handling project documents,in-process quality inspections,to meet delivery schedule & till te end product is erected satisfactorily.

We in VPL strongly believes in continual improvement & our index of customer satisfaction reaches the highest standards.

VPL Quality control has a team of experience & dedicated staff with high caliber to carry out inspection & testing as per international quality standards.
We have periodic quality audit by certified Internal Auditors & external by recognized Certification Bodies.


  1. Increase customer’s perception of our professionalism.
  2. Improve the quality of finished products.
  3. Benchmark the competition.
  4. Comply with our best practice requirements.

Every year we try to identify a set of priority areas for improving quality. 

These priorities are decided based on feedback we receive from our Staff Members, Customers and Industrial Quality & Safety Standards Professionals.

Our Priorities are :

  1. We shall not leave any stone unturned when the matter of quality arise.
  2. Our products shall undergo stringent quality checks and pass through
  3. various quality checks.
  4. We have our In House Quality testing Departments to do our own test as
  5. per specific requirements
  6. In customer service also , the key to success is quality– both in our
  7. relationships with others and with our product line.