VPL overall put the customer at the heart of everything it do.
We at Vishal pipes have a dedicated team for Research,Development and technology,which constantly putting their efforts on efficient processes and developing new products that will help customers to achieve their goals as well helps in sustainable development .

Our R&D department anticipates future needs, and an ongoing research in design and technology keeps us one step ahead of competition. We can manufacture products exactly to given specifications. The products are being manufactured as per international standards.

Our Core Objective are :

  1. Fostering a favorable climate for creativity & innovation.
  2. Maximizing the long term return on investment.
  3. Reduction in raw material & Energy Consumption.
  4. Utilization of waste material.
  5. Implement globally and efficiently with speed.
  6. To expand regional,national and international partnership with industry,
  7. Government in economic development.