Its unique qualities of being fastest economic ,versatile & safe make its use universal and irresistible .Its Fabricated out of requisite grade virgin steel i.e. 40 NB ‘B-Class’ ERW Steel Tubes. The connection point is set at 500/1000 mm intervals .To handle the hazards of rough site handling malleable cast iron is used to cast out mobile captive cups and the bottom cups are of high quality virgin H.R Sheets duly welded to MS Steel Tube .Loose or Welded joint Pins are provided for strong and hassle free bonding between Vertical (Standard) members. These verticals are then joined with identical fit in Horizontal members having forced end ledger blades to slide into the cups of the verticals.

Vertical comes in a wide range of sizes e.g 3.00,2.50,2.00,1.50,1.00 & 0.5 Mtrs apart from any specific size to keep in the requirement of the clients. These verticals are fabricated out of 40 NB ‘B-Class’ ERW Steel tubes and have connections points at fixed interval of 500/1000 mm. The top end has an optional inner or outer socket welded to the vertical for joining the two verticals.

Just like Verticals,Horizontals are also available in varied sizes of 2.00,1.80,1.50,1.25,1.20,1.00,0.915,0.60 and 0.50 Mtrs. The horizontal members welded forged ends are fabricated out of 40 NB ‘B-Class’ ERW Steel Tubes.

These spans are fabricated out of 2 or 2.5 mm sheet as Body members, lattices of 10 mm round bars,main bar of 14 or 16 mm T-section of 40 X 5 mm. These spans have unique qualities of extreme safety and negligible supervision .They do not require any intermediate support.

The cuplock has an innovative and effective replacement in the form of Wedgelock .The wedgelock system is an advanced form of scaffolding where there is a four-way moveability and minimum chances of loose movement. The bottom cups are replaced by V-shaped steel pressings and they perform the dual purpose of Transom units as well.

The important aspect of construction of beams, slabs, walls and columns are supported by Adjustable Telescopic prop .It is an inevitable, most suitable and yet user-friendly part of shuttering system. Its fabrication is done out of ‘B-Class’ steel tubes and is in two parts, i.e. Prop Outer & Pro Inner. The outer is fabricated out of 50 NB ‘B-class’ ERW Steel Tubes having threaded/slotted top end, a malleable C.I. nut for finer adjustment; the bottom is provided with welded 150 mm X 150 mm X5 mm MS Flat Base Plate.The Prop Inner is fabricated out of 40 NB ‘B-Class’ ERW Steel Tubes having holes at a regular interval of 150 mm. The top end is provided with welded U/Flat or Beam Head .

Rectangular welded frames are fabricated with 2 Nos.of Verticals and 2 Nos Horizontal members out of 40 NB ‘B-Class’ ERW Steel Tubes. To meet the requirement of height, the top end of vertical members are provided with welded inner/outer sockets to join 2 frames vertically. Horizontally these frames are provided with scissor type cross braces. 50 NB ‘B-Class’ ERW Steel Tubes are used in H frames to withstand heavier structures as well as for the heightened constructions. Sizes available are: 2000 X1250 mm,1500 X 12550 mm,1250 X 1250 mm,1000 X 1250 mm,900 X 1250 mm.

MS Round Bars of 32.00,36.00 & 38.00 mm are used to fabricate Adjustable Base Jack with 4 TPI Acme/Square threads. The Base Plate is fabricated out of 150 X 150 X 5 mm MS Flat & malleable cast iron Cup Type Light/Double Handle Heavy Duty Nuts.Sizes available are 350,450,550,600 mm of Bar Length.

MS Round Bars of 32.00,36.00 & 38.00 mm are used to fabricate Adjustable U Jack with 4 TPI Acme/Square threads. U Head is fabricated out of 100 X5 mm MS Flat Malleable cast iron Cup Type/Double Handle heavy duty nuts.Sizes available are 350,450,550,600 mm of Bar Length.

Wallform system of steel shuttering compromise of standard panels manufactured out of 12 gauge M.S Sheets with slotted 50 X50 X5 M.S.,angle/M.S Flat Frame and Stiffenet,Channel or Heavy duty soldiers, Tubular or channel Walers, all these components are assembled togetherby different types of clips of unique design.Soldiers supplied in 2.5 M and Pannels in 1.25 M heights. For high pour concreting,special soldiers in 3.5 & 5 M are also supplied.

For curved walls,flexible panels are used instead of wallform panels.For single sided shuttering heavy heavy duty soldiers used instead of channel soldiers and double loops used of wall ties. Wallform set up assembly shown is ready for 2 pour with soldiers remaining in the same pour. For successive pour,complete assembly of panels,soldiers and wallingsis lifted in the convenient lengths by crane or other lifting tackle,the tie bolts having been previously removed,it is re-positioned with 125 mm lap over previous pour and soldiers rebolted to ties cast in previous pour which withstand self weight of shutter and concrete pressure.