Steel Tubes For Structural Purposes
Size ranges : 15 mm NB to 250 mm NB
Grade : Yst-210 & 240
Specification : IS-1161:1998

Advantage :

  1. Increased cost savings
  2. High resistance to torsional loading
  3. Ease of welding in the shop and field
  4. Greater strength-to-weight
  5. Excellent compression and support characteristics and superior torsional resistance
  6. Make it particularly well suited to all types of column applications
  7. It is made from steel, one of the world’s most recyclable and recycled materials
  8. Torsional strength
  9. Less surface area than open sections allows for reduced clean up and painting
  10. Wide variety of shapes and wall thicknesses are available
  11. The uniform shape makes it easy to fabricate and well suited for architecturally
  12. Exposed applications