Vishal Pipes Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of communication towers, VPL engineers and manufacturers guyed towers, self-supporting towers, monopoles, Tower components & HF antenna systems. Services include tower analysis, tower inspection, Turnkey installation and tower modifications.

Self-supporting towers have solid rod legs with bold together flanges and bold on angle iron cross bracing. All towers are hot dipped galvanized & include the following. Anchor bolts and templates, assembly bolts, climbing step bolts, safety climb device, grounding kits with lightning rods assembly drawing and foundations designs (geotechnical report by others). Several sizes are in stock for immediate shipment dependent upon your loading requirements.

This is line if products are available in Square and or Round tube steel. All towers are hot-dipped galvanized and are available in various heights from 20 to 80 feet. All designs are engineered to tilt down the ground level making maintenance ease a priority. This product meets and exceeds rail industry standards and tamper resistant with our lack in position feature. VPL can also provide other various sizes upon request and look forward to providing a proposal to fit our customer demand.

Guyed towers feature an efficient design, economical construction and the ability to carry light to heavy accessory loads. Solid round pre-welded tower sections provide maximum strength while eliminating any concern for possible internal rust or corrosion.

Monopoles are single members self-supporting structures used in urban areas where space is limited. These steel-tapered poles are designed to carry communication equipment such as microwave, cellular, PCS, ESMR and two-way antennas.

We offer a complete line of tower accessories including waveguide ladders, climbing ladders, sector mounts, dish mounted, ice bridges, platform etc.